Living Single Again Offers
Hope for Future Relationships!

Seventy-five percent of all single-again people will remarry and seventy-five percent of those marriages will end in divorce. The old way of doing relationships is just not working. Single-Again people need a "New Hope for New Relationships." Living Single Again offers that hope. 

Living Single Again was originally intended as a post Divorce (or Grief Recovery) resource to enable single-again people to face the future with hope--but now it is regarded as a course for every single person to guide them through the maze of new relationships.

One pastor said, " Awesome materials! We found that the materials are applicable beyond single-again people. I’ve even used portions of the series in conjunction with premarital counseling and with teens.”

Living Single Again enables you to take healthy steps toward your future and future relationships. With Living Single Again, you will discover the glue that holds relationships together and learn how to cement a relationship for a life-time. You will also learn what causes relationships to come unglued so you can avoid past emotional pain in the future.

With Living Single Again you will find sound advice on when and how to attempt a new close relationship.  You will learn how to set up boundaries to both protect and guide you through the dating maze. 

Living Single Again tackles the tough area of singles and sexuality in an honest, straightforward, and practical way.

Living Single Again is designed for group involvement.  There are two parts to each group session.  The first part involves watching one of the seven videos on two DVDs--each video is approximately thirty minutes long.  The second-part focuses on facilitator-led small group discussion.  Small group time allows reinforcement of the concepts developed in the videos by active participation.  Small groups also offer everyone the opportunity to develop meaningful friendships.  

Every "single-again" person, after divorce recovery, is faced with "getting on with life." Now there is sensible approach to do just that. If you have attended a divorce recovery group, why stop half-way, when you can finish the course with Living Single Again?

What Users Say About
Living Single Again

"Amazing! Great stuff! This is the best resource on relationships that I've found. I would recommend this to anyone, whether previously married or not."
   Robert Park Minister of Singles  
   Valley Baptist Church
   Bakersfield, CA

"We've had a great response from our group to Living Single Again. Not only is it valuable for our Divorced single again people but it is good for widowed and never-married singles too."
   Earl Fisher
   Westchester, OH

"The material in LSA is certainly something to get excited about, and we know it is going to revolutionize some dating relationships both current and future."
   Margie and Steve Linner
   Manheim, PA 

"I would strongly recommend this series. "Living Single Again" is not only for those who been divorced but even to those who have been single for a long time and hope to be in a relationship."
   Michael Enlow Community
   Christian Singles Owosso, MI

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